Health Protocols

The Mid-Atlantic Women's Rugby Showcase (MAWRS) takes the health of our players, fans, support persons and community very seriously. We are committed to doing our part to make sure everyone feels safe and the risk of infection/transmission is minimized.

The following health protocols will be required.

Prior to Arriving: Registration/Waiver

Each player, coach, support person and spectator must register and complete an event health check survey (attestation/waiver) prior to attending. Anyone unable to complete these steps or not able to affirm they are not at risk will be asked not to attend. Day of registration is discouraged and will likely result in delays.

Day-Of: Checking In

Event HQ Check In - all teams, personnel and fans will be required to complete an in-person check in (temperature scan) prior to proceeding to fields. The HQ will serve as a staging area and warm-up facility as well as the vendor and social area. Athletes and spectators will only be asked to return to the HQ between games to ensure all state and town protocols are intact. After successful check-in, teams will be given access to the fields.

At Fields: Arrive 30min prior to KO

Teams will have access to playing fields approximately 30 minutes prior to kick-off.

PPE: Pack a Mask

Using a mask is encouraged throughout the event. Masks ARE REQUIRED for any indoor, close-proximity (less than 6 feet) or situations where sustained contact is reasonably to expect (15 minutes or more). The event will primarily take place outdoors to minimize transmission risk. While outdoors AND AT LEAST 6 feet from other individuals AND in a temporary exposure event (less than 15 min), a mask is not required.

Tamping Risk: Sanitizers & Sprays

Event staff will aggressively sanitize all shared surfaces throughout the day and provide hand sanitizer stations where appropriate. Attendees are encouraged to bring personal sanitizers as well.